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Mock company branding.

In my final graphic design class at my time at ECSU we had an assignemnt to make up a company which we had to create a brand for. This is a collection of all of the different digital designs I made for my company, which I named Debufont. 

Original Website Design

This is the original website design that I made for my mock company. This website was purely done for design purposes only, it was never published.


This is an assortment of variations of the logo I created for debufont.

Social Media Screen shots

As a part of the branding process I also had to create a twitter and a tumblr account for Debufont. Here are a couple screen shots of what both of those social media accounts looked like.

Manifesto Zine

As a part of this project I had to create a zine, using the Futurist Manifesto and design it as if Debufont was publishing the product. All of the images displayed here are very small, so if anyone wants the larger, PDF version of the Zine just e-mail me and I'll send it to you! 


Title page

Pages 1-2