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I have many art hobbies.

I've enjoyed all kinds of art since I was a little kid. I had tons of art sets with watercolor, acrylic and pastel paints. I used to draw hundreds of fashion ideas and even wrote short stories! 

Painting is something I still love doing. I'm always working on improving my skills. Recently, I've started learning more watercolor techniques because I want to utilize that skill in my baking as well. 

Digital art is something I started playing around with back in the MySpace days. I would spend hours editing html to make different layouts. Then when I was in college I decided to make media design my concentration and minored in digital art and design.




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ECSU brochure

My design class had a project to make a new brochure for the writing center. My first love is writing. From the beginning I designed this brochure from a writer's perspective. I won! They chose my brochure design to go in the writing center. The logo with the three heads isn't mine though, thats someone else's from the class'.