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Mock Magazine Articles

On this page you will find a collection of different mock magazine articles that I designed in various classes. 

History of Graphic Arts Mock Magazine Article.

In one of my graphic design classes the professor provided me with the copy and illlustrations I was to use to design a magazine article. This is my final product. 

Perry Link Mock Magazine Article.

In one of my media design classes we had an assignment to do a mock design of a magazine article about Perry Link. We were only supplied with the copy, everything else about the article had to be designed by the student. This is what my final product looked like.

Travel Brochure

In one of my earliest graphic design classes I got an assignment to make a travel brochure to a make-believe under water resort. I had to use all of the copy that was provided but had to create some of my own illustrations and retrieve some images off of the internet that were free stock images. This was my brochure.