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Dress collection.

I guess I've sort of made a

hobby of collecting dresses...

I have always loved dresses! I never pass up a good sale, and never buy name brands. I don't think any of my dresses were more than $50 (that's being generous, I usually don't go over $40 but sometimes ya know...). My favorites are anything white lace or floral. I prefer longer dresses more than shorter ones recently. This is a spot where I'm going to show case my entire collection ! 

Amazon dress
Check it out below.
SheIn Dress
This is an XS! It was listed as a babydoll dress so i sort of expected this shape, but the actual dress its self is too big. I kept it because I want to make shrinking this dress a project I do with my sewing machine.
Mom's Wedding dress from 1989!
There are a few parts of the dress that have been very badly damaged but overall it looks great. I can't believe how perfectly it fits me too!
Floral dress
Got this one from Charlotte Russe!
Two piece
This is the two piece that I have shown in other photos. This is in the dressing room the day I got it!
Red shoulder dress
Got this one at Forever 21!
White lace
I love long dresses and white dresses and lace dresses. I LOVE this one! Got it from Forever 21.
Pretty pink dress
I loveee lace. I got this one from Charlotte Russe.
Didn't get dress.
This dressing room picture is as far as I got with this dress. I do not remember why I didn't get it! :(
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Amazon dress

Check it out below.

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