Amanda Jordan /© 2019 by Amanda Jordan 

Football Lattice Cake

I saw a video of someone doing chcolate lattice somewhere on the internet and instantly became determined. I knew that I had to give this a try, it HAS to be in my skill set. The football was made from a mold, it was the first time I used a 360 3D mold. It went well! I will absolutely be buying more in different shapes. When I did the chocolate lattice I didn't have a plan on what I wanted the design to look like (obviously). It was also kinda tough to get it onto the cake being it was my first time. There are some spots that I accidentally rubbed against while it was hardening. Its a very fast paced process. You have to have the cake really cold and ready and nearby. You have to have a big enough piece of wax paper to make the design on. You need to have already measured the cake's length and see how big the area will be that you can do the chocolate design in. Once you get the design down you have to wait until its hardened but not enough that it would break when you pick it up and then somehow wrap it around the cake. What you see here is my first try ever. There were no re-takes or practices lol! The second one I made around Valentines day was a lot better looking as far as the chocolate lattice goes. My boyfriend and his family loved it!