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Long Hair, Lots of Care

Having long hair has been part of my identity for the majority of my life. I have had short hair 3 times in my life, all had been when starting a new school chapter (5th grade, 8th grade and Freshman year of college). 

I often get asked about my hair care routine and what products I use but can never remember the name of the product on a whim, so I figured that putting everything in one place would be best for everyone!


We can all agree that how you wash your hair and what you wash your hair with is what 

directly effects its health and existence. Just like everything else is the modern consumer market, we're bombarded with highly advertised products that have lots of chemicals with labels identifying as 'natural" but still have the alien like words listed under their ingredients! I don't have the magic language to tell you how to decipher these product bottles but I can tell you what has worked for me! I'm going to expand the product selection I use soon and cant wait to share that with you here!

I don't have one type of shampoo and condtioner that I use regularly. I buy a different kind monthly and I mix different conditioners together sometimes too. I've noticed that conditioner with moroccan oil in it work the best for my hair. Its always very soft, shiny and prevents frizz!

-this conditioner has been amazing for my hair, I mix it with other conditioners too

-shampoo and rinse then put in generous amount of conditoner and rinse out last before exiting shower

-wash 2-3 times a week 

-I always brush my hair before getting into the shower

My Tips:

-regular 'heat breaks' where I'm not styling (heat) right after washing

Wigs are fun!

Wigs are a great way to try styles you want without the long term commitment to actually getting your hair cut or dyed. I was traveling an hour away to a beautiful salon to see an amazing hairdresser every 6 weeks but the water in my town is horrible and my hair was turning orange. I would leave with a beautiful blonde ombre and within a week it would turn :(

Wig links

Wash out color

Once in a while a girl just needs her hair to be pink or blue. Or purple or green or red. Thank you beauty gods for temporary hair dye! It's exactly what you need in those moments and the best part is, that it literally stays in that moment when you want it! ;) I have tried a few and will keep you updated here with how they work on my long, dark hair.

Dye links

The photo to the left is after using 2 bottles of the bright pink hair dye by the brand "Good Dye Young". It was not as bright as i had hoped but i do have a lot of really dark hair.