Amanda Jordan /© 2019 by Amanda Jordan 

My Photos

I would by no means describe myself as a professional photographer. Taking pictures of anything and everything near me has always been something I've done. My friends call me the paparazi because I'm always very stealthily (is that a word?) snapping great pictures of everyone. There has been more than one occasion where my friends have that next day regret of not having pictures to acompany the memories, and I've been there to save the day with my full album of the day/night's activity. Literally, ask any of them, when I say album, I mean it. I take a lot of pictures, all the time. 


One reason why I think that I am so into photography was because when I was born, my Grandpa always has his  video camera pointed in my direction (I am the first grandbaby), all the way up until I was old enough to have my own camera && then started recoding myself. So I guess you could say I have just always felt really comfortable being behind and in front of the lense. 


The picture you see to the left is of a flower arrangement I made for my home office, on top of one of my various planners.