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Flower Cupcakes

10/10 Will be making again. Wow! These are so pretty but also my very first attempt. I can't wait to make more flower cupcakes and perfect the skill.

The petals are made of gum paste so this is no regular cupcake. You pick the petals off one by one and eat them like candy. Then you have a yummy buttercream frosting and cupcake to indulge in. I got the pink flower to be pink by individually spraying each petal with Wilton color mist. I wanted the outer petals to be lighter and the inner ones to be darker but that is a skill I will have to perfect!

Edit: Did make again! Have updated the page wth a bunch of the new ones! Will continue to update as I make more, if you want to be updated when I do, head over to my blog page and click the subscribe button!