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TS7 Donuts!

If you know me IRL you know I am the OG Swifty. Like blaring "Tim McGraw' in 2006 when everyone still hated country music, like when the only merch you could get was greeting cards, gift bags and sun dresses from Wal-Mart. I have been to every tour except 1989 because it was the same week my little brother was getting home from deployment in the Middle East. I coordinated a group of my friends and all of our outfits for the Reputation tour (click here to see) and have cleared my schedule for April 26. I own multiple copies of every album in CD, DVD and Vinyl. At work there is a whole team of people who call me "AJ Swift" haha! 

So when Taylor started to change her Instagram theme in anticipation of her new album I freaked! I am so ready for some new Taylor music! Her choice of outfit for the iHeartRadio awards was to be taken as the aesthetic of her new album and it's so crazy that it's the exact fabric I purchased for my backdrop of my baking posts. THE. SAME. FABRIC! I swear we would be best friends if we knew each other in real life, the details in some of her songs to my life and the fact that we're 13 days apart in age...I mean its probably written in the stars or something.

I am hoping that by the grace of the Swiftie gods that Taylor sees this and decides that I should just join the tour with her and make fun treats for her, her family, dancers, backup singers, stage builders and Swifties in the post show meet and greet (which despite going to every tour I haven't gotten into yet...I have high hopes this year with treat bribes tho). I mean I'm also totally fine with just meeting her at one of the 3 shows I plan on going to in her next tour....TAYLOR I WILL BRING DONUTS!!!! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.47.15 PM.png

When I got the idea to make these donuts I was texting one of my friends who is also a Swifty and she said that I should do the heart pendant she just posted on her Instagram too! She's a genius, what can I say?! The photo you see above is the pendant Taylor posted to her Instagram that I replicated the heart donut after. I used rock candy for the center and small circular sprinkles for the border.

See more photos of the TS7 Donuts below!

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I chose the watercolor look and these specific colors to  match the look of Taylor's countdown on her Instagram right now. Well, it's also all around the world being projected onto big buildings...still hasn't shown up on my apartment building yet tho (I'll blame that on the weather.) Check out her countdown below!

I Donut know any other way to express my TS7 excitement!


Taylor's countdown was leading to the release of the first single of her seventh album! We don't know what the album will be called yet but the single is called "ME!" and its funtastic! The morning after the song came out I instantly put it on the bluetooth and said to my boyfriend "I can't wait to wear a princess dress, butterfly wings and dance in glitter with my friends at her concert to this song!! It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait! During the filming of the video, Taylor casted a kitten and the kitten's handler told Taylor that the kitten didn't have a home and Taylor was all like......yes he does?! hahaha! I love it! She adopted the homeless kitten that was cast in her music video! THAt is a love story! <3 She named him Benjamin Button!

in the music video she emphasizes the colors blue and yellow, so that influenced my choice of using that for the "ME!" donuts. The point in the ! is a heart because there have been a lot of hearts in this era's aesthetic! <3 The butterfly donut is modeled after a mural Taylor had put up in Nashville as a surprise to Swifties to celebrate the release of "ME!" The kitten donut is modeled after Taylor's new kitten from the video Benjamin Button.